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    Welcome to our website
      Ester Gum
      Polyvinyl acetate (PVAC)

    Wuxi Season Food Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional factory for food grade Ester Gum and Polyvinyl Acetate(PVAC). It is set up in 1992 which is situated near beautiful Taihu lake in Jiangsu province China. Our yearly production capacity is 10000 tons Ester Gum and 8000 tons Polyvinyl Acetate.

    Our company is an early manufacturer engaged in the research and production of food additive ESTER GUM and polyvinyl acetate (PVAC) in China, with more than twenty years development history. We have formed a highly perfect management system and relatively mature professional technology, our product quality is stable, and system certification is complete. In the aspect of management, we have passed the certification of ISO9001/ ISO14001/ ISO22000 system. In the aspect of material choosing, we choose qualified raw material suppliers strictly according to quality requirement, to ensure the high quality. In the aspect of technology, we have more than twenty years of independent research and development experience and learning the international advanced technology. Especially used to be the additive of chewing gum base and bubble gum base.our products have passed the USA FDA approval, accord with American FCC-7/ Chinese GB2760/ GB29987/ GB10287 standard. Based on these,our company become the regular supplier of many famous multinational food company, our products are exported to all over the world.

    We provide the right products and services according to the different requirements of customers. If you are interested, welcome to communicate with us at any time.

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